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PLEASE USE THE FORM BELOW TO REGISTER FOR ONE OR MORE (up to 8) TELECLASSES. If you have not already done so, refer to the Master Schedule page to find dates and times of modules and courses. You can download the schedule, but please check latest version before making a booking, as this is updated regularly.

When registering you will need to enter voucher numbers to confirm payment, so if you do not yet have any you first need to buy some Vouchers. Unless otherwise specified (e.g. taster teleclasses) you need two vouchers per 1-hour teleclass module. Discounts are available when buying bulk as described in detail in the box on the right. Moreover, courses (consisting of 5 or 10 modules) are further discounted as in the box on the right.

Please click the ADD TO CART button to purchase vouchers after selecting from drop down menu - For individual modules use the Individual Modules on the left, for courses (of 5 or 10 modules) use Courses button in the centre, in both cases after selecting from the respective drop-down menu. When finished use. View Cart on the right to complete purchase.COURSES (5 or 10 modules)

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COURSES (5 or 10 modules)
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Once complete with your selection please go to checkout

Please make sure you enter a correct email address, as otherwise we will not be able to email you your vouchers. You will need to wait for your vouchers by email before you can register. Alternatively you may prefer to get some gift vouchers which you can either use for yourself immediately, share or gift to someone else:

Once you have your vouchers, while referring to the Master Schedule page, you can register for one or several tele-classes here:


Client Reference Number: ** If you have a client ref number (i.e. you have registered before), please enter it here - it is then not necessary for you to complete fields marked with a double asterisk **

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Please enter the module or course name and which date/time you would like to attend. In the case of a full course please enter the date of the first module. You can enter up to 8 modules if you wish. Please also include you voucher (or gift voucher) numbers (in most cases 2 vouchers per 1-hour teleclass module or course voucher for course).

  ID Course/Module Name Date/Time to attend Voucher # Notes

If you do not have voucher number yet, we cannot confirm a place until we have them, but you can register tentatively - please enter "to send later" in the first voucher box.

Please tell us just a little about yourself (what you do, where you live, any hobbies and interets, where you work and what your workplace is like): **

Please tell us a little why you want to participate in the tele-class(es) (where you heard about them, what you hope to gain from them, what you already know) **

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Please fill in the form with as much detail as possible. If you have already registered before please enter your customer reference number, then you will not need to enter your personal details (marked with **) again. Thank you for your registration. Should you have any problem during registration or voucher purchase please call, email or fax us (below) or use the general contact form.

Please note that currently the system is not automated, hence it may take a day or two for you to get confirmation. Should the teleclass you are registering for start within a day, and you have not received your voucher numbers yet, please indicate this in the comment box, and we will check your voucher purchase manually.



How to use the vouchers  and discounts available

Most of the 1-hour tele-classes are priced at £15 per person per module, making them affordable, flexible (pick and choose modules you want) and easily accessible by telephone (from around the world actually, although they are primarily intended for U.K. and European participants).

You can register and pay directly here on the left, or if you prefer through EVENTBRITE. Alternatively classes are now offered through the training portals Training & Courses, Hotcourses or Floodlight, where you can register/pay for modules/courses one by one (vouchers also available, but not discounted). Please note however, that the information appears misleading because their systems does not have a category for webinars and tele-classes at present.

If you register and purchase here (on the left), then you can either buy Vouchers valued at £7.50, or you buy a whole 5-module or 10-module course. A voucher is worth 30 minutes of tele-class, so for most tele-class modules (1 hour) you need 2 vouchers. The Taster teleclasses are discounted at 50%, so only require 1 voucher (occasionally we may do some special 50% off offers on other modules).

Discounts are automatically available if you buy larger sets of vouchers, as follows:

  • £75: 11 vouchers: 1 extra free
  • £150: 23 vouchers: 3 extra free
  • £300: 47 vouchers: 7 extra free
  • £500: 76 vouchers: 10 extra free

If you purchase a whole 5 module or 10 module course, the following discounts apply:

  • 5-module course: £65 = £10 OFF
  • 10-module course: £120 = £30 OFF

This makes the courses proportionally very slightly cheaper than buying bulk vouchers, but you can still use vouchers for courses, and with vouchers you pick and mix modules from various courses, offering you more flexibly.


All prices include UK local (VAT) tax. VAT invoices available on request.

Note: Open 2 Flow is a trading name of Transcultural Synergy Ltd.  Your Paypal, bank or other statements may display Transcultural Synergy or a shortened version of this (e.g. Trans Syn)

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